Having an artisan whipped cream dispenser has always been my dream! I find there are some appliances in the kitchen that we absolutely have to have, but this one is not one of them, yet it will make my morning coffee so much better if I can have it with freshly whipped cream without having to go to a coffee shop a mile away to get it.

So far we have just started using this dispenser, but we love it. It was quite easy to get to work, however, for the first try we did not read the directions, and spoiled the first canister of gas. We did not attach the container, and gas escaped and made a lot of smoke and noise which scared us. So, the moral – read the directions on how to use a device that uses gas! Very important!

On the second try everything worked out and we got great cream! I am planning to make some Tiramisu with this cream tomorrow – I cannot wait! For this first batch though we have not added any sugar or any other sweetener so the cream turned out pretty bland. I think we will change the recipe for tomorrow.

photo (33)

Another important note about this creamer – it does not come with any gas containers, those have to be purchaed separately, but the good thing is that it takes standard containers.

This is a great item to have at home, or give to someone as a gift! What a treat! I think my kids are going to have fun decorating their baked creations with this!

Sample was provided for free to test and write a review.

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