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I have come across a campaign on IndieGoGo for EdRevolution that I would like to encourage everyone to contribute to. This campaign is based on an idea of creating a new educational movement based on the idea of being addicted to education just like people get addicted to video games.

The creators of the campaign want to start teaching children following their new method where they will educate a school of kids over 3 years to prove the point of being able to get through the whole schooling very quickly without having to go to regular school classes, and following regular school rules and methods.

I think this is an interesting theory, and is somewhat similar to unschooling that I am familiar with. There are a few points in the campaign that I am not sure about. I think curriculum is an important part of education, and I am not sure how the creators will deal with the curriculum. I am also not sure about the timelines. It would be hard to educate someone in 3 years to cram the whole schooling into those 3 years. I also think that school is not all about studying. A lot of schooling has to do with growing up, getting kids busy with activities, teaching them at the pace that will ensure that they can actually learn the material, and be able to apply it properly. Some of the skills get acquired by kids through reading a lot of books, and just living, and achieving a certain age before they can understand certain concepts. That is why the programs at school teach concepts when they teach them. An 8 year old may have difficulties grasping advanced geometry, or an ability to write long essays intelligently. Their language has not been developed yet that much, their spelling is not that advanced either. So, I struggle to believe that every child would be able to get through school quickly with this method.

I am also not certain about the credentials of the creator of the campaign to trust that the education of those kids that will follow this new program at his school will receive proper education. I believe that teaching elementary school is quite easy, but higher grades require teachers’ assistance a lot, and not everyone maybe qualified to teach every subject. Essentially, this becomes a homeschooling program on steroids, done very quickly, and in a very modern way.

However, I do think that the idea of changing the regular education system is a great idea. A lot at school is boring, and is taught in a boring manner a lot of the times, and not every child wants to follow through with their homework, or is interested in subjects at school. Education can also be quite overwhelming if you have slow processing speed, or have trouble concentrating. I think there is a lot of merit in this new idea of making education fun, based on video game methods, and making it more flexible and self-paced for everyone. Who knows what I would have achieved had I been given this opportunity in school. We didn’t even have computers when I studied.

I hope this IndieGoGo campaign gets good funding, and this idea gets developed, and I will be curious to see how the project will materialize. Too bad we don’t live in Britain, that is where this project will be created. Here is how to fund it – and you can read more about it – Join the edRevolution

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