Loving my new Sheer Texture Conditioner! I got it for a review, and it really does give my hair a lot of volume, and shine, and great texture. It has a great fruity scent. I am always looking for great products that are pleasant to apply, and that give outstanding results.

I think in conditioners what I am usually looking for is a product that will not leave residue, not make my hair limp or greasy, and is pleasant to apply, and this conditioner does just that. I apply it after my regular shampoo, and keep it on my hair for a few minutes to get it to do its magic. It helps with my frizzy hair, and ensures my hair is easy to brush through, and stays protected. This product is excellent! I haven’t tried their shampoo yet, will hope to try it soon as well.

Right not this conditioner is on sale on Amazon – only costs $8.50.

Sample was provided free of charge for this review.

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