My kids love to get toys to play with, and the more the better, so they were so excited to get a bag of marbles from Lost my Marbles! I was super excited as well!

I used to read so much about marbles in books, but when I grew up somehow we didn’t have great marbles, and the ones we used to play with were from a construction site, and were not even intended to be played with, I think.

These marbles that we got from Lost my Marbles are 40 in count. They come in a neat velvet bag with a tie that will help to keep all the marbles in one spot. One marble in the pack is really large, and the rest are smaller. My kids started playing with the marbles outside trying different games they found online – who is faster, who can roll the marble further. These marbles definitely kept their interest for quite some time – nice to see them pay some old school games instead of the computer related games.

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