One activity I would love to try with my kids this week is setting up a survival box. If a disaster were to strike, we are not that well prepared. We have stuff, but it is just everywhere, and we could not possibly be ready in a matter of minutes to be able to grab everything and hide or drive off somewhere. All our stuff is just thrown around, and setting up a box like this would be great.

This week I received a great item that I will keep in this box in case of a disaster or an environmental problem. We got a great pack of survival seeds that will be extremely useful for us when we own a farm or are ready to be self-sufficient. Our goal is to be able to not depend on the government, or corporations, and ultimately be self-sufficient. As the climate changes, political tensions come and go, countries go to war, and commit to peace, ordinary people still have to make ends meet, and try to survive. As we know, nobody will tell you beforehand when the trouble will strike. There may be times coming when our family will have nothing left other than a few belongings, and those seeds could save our lives.

I am not really a prepper, or I hope I am not. However, I have lived through the times in my life when my family had to drop everything and move. We know how it is when an environmental disaster strikes. There may be earthquakes or droughts, hunger and environmental pollution, change in government or a revolution. One terrorist act could change the way of everything, and one nuclear catastrophe can send the whole world into a tailspin. We have to be somewhat prepared for this, and the easiest way is to have everything on hand to at least feel more confident now that in case of a disaster you have a plan of where to start and what to do.

I got a pack of great heirloom seeds that are organic by Grow For It. There are 105 varieties of heirloom vegetables, herbs and fruit seeds. There are so many varieties of each vegetable possible there – what a great pack for our survival box, and later for planting in our raised beds some day.

This is a bag of great savings as well. Do the math. Each separate variety will be about $3 or so from a vendor (that was the last price I was quoted at the local market for a comparable pack of seeds), multiplying by 105 varieties gives us over $300 total. This pack right now retails for just under $60. This is really a great deal, and very convenient to buy something like that in a big pack, so you won’t forget any cool veg, and you won’t get all confused doing your shopping for different varieties. Somebody did all this packing for you, and this is a great way to enjoy our favorite veggies and fruits to plant!

We are planning to have a homestead in a few years, and I know these seeds, or the seeds of plants that we grow from these seeds will help us make our dream come true! What a wonderful product to get!

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