I am new to essential oils, and I am not really sure how to go about them. I have seen essential oils sold everywhere, and I have heard people saying that they no longer fall sick, have lost like 100 pounds, and no longer see doctors, but actually just use essential oils for everything.

I am not really sure what to think of essential oils in general, as I don’t use them. However, I decided to try some, and see how I like them. I have got Radha Lavender Oil for a review. This oil has very floral, somewhat soapy smell.

This oil is 100% natural, produced in Bulgaria, and bottled in the USA.

I like the smell of this oil it. I think it is very soothing and calming, and not irritating at all.

Next oil I have received for a review is Radha Peppermint Oil. This oil sure smells like peppermint. This oil would be excellent as a home fragrance, for making your own dish soap, or in aromatherapy.

The next oil I have from Radha is Frankincense. This oil is definitely very fragrant. It has a woodsy, balsamic aroma to it. Frankincense to me has such an oil Byblical name, there is so much I have heard about it, and it makes for a great essential oil product. This oil originates from India.

All of these three oils come with a pipette for easy measuring and application.

And I have another oil that I got by another company – Simply Earth Fennel Oil. It is a 100% pure essential oil, and comes in a smaller 15 ml container. This oil has a truly incredible fragrant smell of some herby, woodsy nature. I think I understand this smell a lot, and I am very comfortable with it. I could add this oil to lots of things. It has some restorative, supportive qualities that makes it perfect for salves, I suppose. This oil is from Spain.

I also have a nice essential oil carrying case by Joyaplenty that will be perfect for putting all of those oils away nicely and neatly. My three Radha oils are too big for this case, they would need to be moved to smaller containers to carry them in the case. But my fennel oil is a perfect size for this case. Generally, if you are buying a lot of essential oils and like to carry them with you in a car, you would need a carrying case like this one. I love the color of it too!


Anyway, I got all of these products for reviews. I don’t really use essential oils. I am giving away an essential oil case, as well as the oils featured in this review!

Essential Oils Case with Essential Oils Giveaway!

The total amount of products for this giveaway is 4 essential oils and a carrying case. There will also be a bonus in this giveaway which is a secret for now. Box Roundup will be shipping the oils, and the carrying case will be shipped directly by Joyaplenty company that is providing the case for this giveaway. To participate you have to have a US address and phone number, US only. ARV of this giveaway is $70.63. This giveaway is co-hosted by IMHO Views, Reviews and Giveaways and sponsored by Joyaplenty.

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Essential Oils Case by Joyaplenty and 4 Essential Oils Giveaway $70+ ARV

I have received these products for free for a review.

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