My everyday now is very busy. I am juggling two websites at the moment, and working on improving content and what I bring to my readers daily. I am also running around after the baby who is learning to walk, and run now, so it is so important for me to be able to function, and be active.

The only way I can get myself to have energy is by having some coffee in the morning. And that is exactly what my days always start with. I make a cup of coffee, and then start working through my tasks for the day.

I have been full-time blogging for a few months now, and there is so much to do, and there is no end in sight! I really need that cup of coffee in the morning to get me started to be able to get through the day without forgetting much, and having enough energy to be able to stay up after everyone goes to bed – that’s when I really start working.

“Go Away” Glass Coffee Mug

I have already reviewed another product by Got Me Tipsy before, and it was a lovely coffee mug! How happy I was to find out this same company actually has other mugs that are just like the other one I had, just with a different message. This new mug I got kind of says it all – do not approach me until I am done with my coffee – I will really send you away! I feel this is so about me. I need that coffee cup in the morning, otherwise I will fall apart part way, and won’t be able to get much done. I cannot break that habit, and I don’t want to be distracted with anything while I am having my morning coffee! This mug by Got Me Tipsy is perfect for me – I love it! It is so easy to drink from, I love the design of the glass mug, and the message on the mug!

Sample provided free of charge to test and write a review.

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