I am not big on technology myself, and new technology is often intimidating to me. I do like to try new things, and one of the new items I got to try recently was a bluetooth speaker by DKnight. This is a second bluetooth speaker I got to test, and I would say it is the better of the two.

Actually, we had my brother-in-law and his wife visiting us a couple of weeks ago, and since we already have a bluetooth set, we figured they could get the second one, and we gave it to them as a gift. We tested the set in our house just to make sure it works. The brother-in-law very quickly unpacked it, and set it up – he didn’t need to read any instructions, everything was quite self-explanatory and intuitive.

The speaker itself is really small, and can fit into any carry-on, or backpack for travelling. That’s exactly what this couple needed as they were going backpacking, and would not want to carry around a huge gift. Can you imagine giving someone speakers as a gift like 30 years ago? Technology sure advanced and became so much more compact.

When we got to turn the speakers on, I loved the sound! I think this set by DKnight is actually better than the one that we got by a different company. It really makes the sound be like it is coming out of a huge professional speaker. The sound has much more acoustic, round quality to it. It is incredible how high quality the sound is coming from such a compact device. Definitely a great item to have as it would not occupy a lot of real estate on your desk, but will give you much better opportunity to enjoy your music. Our baby loved the songs that we played that day on the bluetooth speaker, and she doesn’t always react to music that way, say, when music is coming from a TV.

This bluetooth speaker is a great product overall, I highly recommend it! I think my brother-in-law and his wife were very happy to get this particular model as a gift!

Sample was provided for free for testing and to be able to write a review.

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