A few nights ago, on the weekend, my husband and I had some red wine, and we used our new glasses. I have used “My Therapy” wine glass by Got Me Tipsy. This is my first wine glass I got from this company, and I think it is a very nice glass. It is not a very big wine glass, however, it is a perfect size for enjoying any wine. It did feel like therapy for me after a long week full of appointments and deadlines.


Got Me Tipsy also has a line of coffee mugs that I have already reviewed on my blog before, and those are amazing. Now the wine glass is also very nice. The message is perfect because when I drink wine I just need a bit of relaxation. The amounts of wine I take are very minuscule, but it helps me to relax some of my anxieties, and when wine is in a cute glass, all the better.

Sample received free of charge to test and write a review.

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