My husband had his wine drink in a different glass also by GotMeTipsy – “What night?” wine glass. His glass had a more specific message of a grumpy person. Once you get the wine almost finished you start feeling like your night was not totally terrible. However, we had only a little bit wine left in the bottle, so my husband’s message was actually the last one on the list – Good Night.

I like these glasses that I got from GotMeTipsy. This one is an immediate conversation starter. The glass itself is of very good quality as well. This glass is almost identical to another one by GotMeTipsy, however, the message on it is different. I have never seen wine glasses with messages on them, and while it may look a bit tacky in a white tablecloth type restaurant, it is perfectly fine for home use, or even to use in a bar. I personally find messages on cups, shirts or pens are fun to see, and I always want to read them.

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