My major preoccupation these days is blogging and various other website and blog related activities. I have lots of plans of expanding my blogging venture, and I am thinking about starting doing some podcasts. I am already doing some videos, so podcasts are a natural progression, if you will.

I got a new microphone in order to improve the sound when doing studio recordings of podcasts. I don’t know much about microphones, but I know that the quality of sounds is much better with proper studio equipment, and microphone is probably the first thing on the list you need to create a proper studio. Good microphones make better sound as they cancel noise, and make it easier to record the sound.

This particular model by Accmart is great for singing to music, or conversing online. I think this microphone is all I need to improve my sound for recordings.

When I opened the package with the microphone I was a bit concerned as there were no instructions, CDs, or manuals. I almost started to panic. Then I saw that the microphone just had a USB cable. I decided to plug it in and see what happens. I expected to get a window popping up stating that I have a new device attached or something like that, but my computer didn’t give me any messages. Then I figured that the microphone must be already ready to go, I tested it in a video, and the microphone worked just fine. It is really easy to use as I don’t like to read miles and miles of instructions or have to install a million drives and programs, so this is a huge plus for me – not having to install anything.

Sample provided free of charge to test and write a review. Reference ID code pm7085a1867bc773394f409f70d3d8c8e6

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