Can I just say that I love body lotions! I got a new body lotion to review by LeliaSea, and this lotion is from the Dead Sea. If you read my blog you’ll notice that I love products from the Dead Sea, I believe there are lots of very good healing minerals that come from that area of the world, and I know that there are a lot of expensive spa resorts in Israel that I would never dream of visiting due to costs, and now I can enjoy practically the same products and advantages that people who visit those spas get.

This lotion has pretty strong herbal smell. I think for me, when I apply this lotion, I definitely don’t need any perfume or toilet water as the lotion itself has very strong perfume. This means savings right there – you don’t need to use your expensive perfume, and save it for another important day.

I like the texture of the lotion – it feels like it has been whipped up. That’s always nice texture in my mind, there is no residue at all. It is very easy to apply on the skin, and you don’t need a lot of it to use.

I am very satisfied and happy with this product – I will be looking for more LeliaSea products in the next little while – stay tuned!

Sample provided free of charge to test and write a review. Reference ID code pm8db1c5244f04213e7178c188cf975960

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