I have been reviewing a lot of wine-related products lately, and there is more to come! Today I wanted to write about a new crystal glass wine decanter by Bella Vino. I have to confess I don’t drink a lot of wine, and so as a result I don’t have a lot of wine-related items, that is why now I am getting them to be able to use them, offer to my guests. People come to my house, and I can’t make a nice table setting, and have to use the bottle as it is usually, because I never have a nice decanter to use.

Well, now I do! This decanter is absolutely beautiful! It is a great size and holds a lot! I used it a couple of times so far just on the leftovers of the wine from bottles that we opened previously, so only some space in the decanter was used by the leftovers of wine. I am not sure, but I think it could hold a whole standard bottle of wine in it.

The decanter has a very trendy shape. I have always wanted to have something of this sort. This is definitely not going to put your table to shame when you have company offer.

One concern, as I would have with most decanters anyway, I do sometimes tend to have fruit flies in the house, and I feel like due to this decanter not having any lid that comes with it, and they usually don’t have lids, this wine, unless all drunk over one evening, is going to work as a giant fly trap.

Another small concern I have with this decanter is that it is a bit more difficult to pour than I would have liked. I think this is due to the shape and the size of the decanter. I have never had decanters like this, but I am guessing they will all have a similar issue. You just really have to tip it carefully when pouring.

Otherwise, this is a really beautiful piece of glass! I should have bought this a long time ago!

So far I am enjoying the decanter. It is a great addition to my pretty houseware to showcase to friends!

Sample provided free of charge to test and write a review.

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