This post is about cancer awareness. This disease always needs more spotlight to raise awareness, remind us of what we have to work to fight against, help save and cure more people.
Breast Cancer campaigns are usually associated with pink charms, and the Charms brand Glamulet created sets of charms donating half of proceeds to a charity organization. They usually create beautiful jewelry where women can mix and match charms.
I have decided to help Glamulet promote their campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness.
October is a Pink month, and Glamulet has launched this campaign now to raise awareness to prevent breast cancer. (

As Glamulet sells these charms, for each charm you buy, 50% will go to a charity fund supporting breast cancer issues. Support this cause, it is an important issue for a lot of women.

Leave a comment if you have known someone with breast cancer or have had it yourself – share your story.

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