A new product for me that I want to write about today is a non-stick silicone baking mat by Greenco. I tend to try to limit the number of kitchen accessories that I own due to the size of my kitchen, so I have never had or used one of these. Now I got a few for reviews, I am so happy. I think these are a must to have in the kitchen.

I have used these particular mats for baking chicken and cookies so far.┬áThe first time I baked the chicken it was shocking because the chicken was not stuck at all to the mat! It was great! So easy to enjoy your chicken when you know you are getting all the skin to yourself, and not leaving it on your foil. Also, the cleanup (which is usually an issue for me as I am lazy, if you have read my blog enough by now) is so easy because nothing is stuck to the mat, so no need to scrub – saves a lot of time. The mat does become quite oily, so it does need to be washed still (bummer, man, when are they gonna make mats and dishes that are self-cleaning! this is the 21st century!)

Really, except for I wish everything in the world was self-cleaning, I don’t really have any concerns, happy that there are two mats that come in this set.

Sample was provided free for testing and writing this review.

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