I have reviewed JGOB blending sponge before, and ran a giveaway on my site. Now JGOB provided me with 3 more codes for free JGOB blending sponges for another giveaway! I am not sure when these codes expire, so once this giveaway is over, I will send the codes to the winners, and hopefully the codes will work! I cannot check the codes as this invalidates them immediately. Also, these codes should provide the item for free, but the winners will be responsible for the shipping charges unless they have Amazon Prime account.

Box Roundup is not responsible for the validity of the codes. JGOB is providing the codes. Disclosure – the codes don’t always work, any non-working code issue would have to be resolved with JGOB, not Box Roundup blog. Each of JGOB sponges costs almost $20 retail, right now it is on sale.

Here is the giveaway –
3 winners – JGOB Blending Sponge

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