The first time I have heard about imPRESS manicure was about 3 years ago when I got one pack of imPRESS nails to try. This was a highlight back then for me because I was so IMPRESSED by the quality of the nails that I got.

These nails by imPRESS are so easy to apply, and they stay on the nails forever! The glue that the nails have is very strong, and it helps for the nails to stay put. Of course, the better you apply these nails, the longer they will stay. Because each box has several pairs of nails, even if they do come off, it is easy to replace the nails, and basically start over.

What I like about these nails is the quality, and the appearance. These nails look as if I had gel nails put on, and those cost quite a bit. There are definitely savings with imPRESS manicure nails as they look like gel nails, but cost much less, and have lots of extra nails in the box in case the first ones applied fall off for some reason. One of the reasons that I have is washing dishes by hand, or frequent washing hands as well. Eventually these nails do fall off, but this is expected and understandable.

I got to try red and French manicured press-on nails by imPRESS manicure. I could not believe the quality, honestly. It was so easy to apply the nails, and then they didn’t ruin my own nails when they fell off, which is not what usually happens when gel nails fall off. I actually applied the nails in our car while we were on the go somewhere – it was so fast, no need to go to a salon, wait and wait and wait, waste time to get about the same result, much cheaper, faster, and without ruining my natural nails.

I don’t know of a lot of products that will do this. Most of the time you get what you pay for, but this product I feel is far superior that standard salon services due to its price, and quality, as well as appearance. People won’t be able to tell whether these are gel nails or press-on nails.

An added bonus are crystals that come with the nail sets. So I was able to make my nails really stand out. I love these nails! This is how to find them – they are sold at Walgreens for $7.99 per set (told you cheaper than salons), and here is their website –

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