Got a new Moscow Mule Mug by Akaiger recently – and the mug is great! It is very similar to some other mugs that I already have – and they are great! One quality of Moscow Mule mugs that I love is that they don’t break! They look stunning for company, and they are just so easy to use – pour your drink, and you are all set. I don’t know what other Moscow mule mugs are like, but the ones that I usually get are all very similar, and have one very important quality to remember with these mugs is washing them by hand without using a dishwasher – then they will stay bright and shiny for a long time! Also important is to wash them pretty quickly after using, otherwise food gets stuck, hard to remove, and leaves a stain for some time.

This time I made a new cocktail for myself. I cut up an Asian pear, added non-alcoholic ginger beer, and then melon liquor that I had – just a couple of splashes – and I got myself a nice refreshing fruity cocktail!

I would highly recommend getting these Moscow mule mugs – I can’t believe I had never tried them before! Now I don’t think my life is quite complete without them – never underestimate the power of a light cocktail at the end of the day! There is no need to get hammered, but it does relieve some of my anxieties sometimes. I usually go high on the pop beverage and low on alcohol content, but this still lets me enjoy the refreshing drink and relax after a long day, and before a long night blogging!

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