One issue we are struggling with as a family is keeping our car clean. We tend to eat snacks and drink coffee in the car sometimes, and then we have all this garbage that is nowhere to put. Somehow in the car we have different standards than in our house. We do tend to accumulate a lot of those cups and packaging on the floor of the car a lot of the time. I was happy to find a car garbage disposal container that is so easy to use I wonder why we never got it before!

Our car organization has improved a lot with getting this container. The container comes with a set of small plastic bags, and they will last us a while. It is very convenient to have at the back, and it is not in the way of anyone’s feet, and improves the overall cleanliness level 100%.

I can’t really come up with one good reason not to get this container. The only reason not to get it is being not very organized, I guess, to care. If you are like us, and travel a lot around with children, you will need something like this garbage container as it makes cleanup much easier, and is a great item to have on hand.

If you are like me, and are working on your habits to make your space cleaner, this is a great start!

Sample was provided to me free of charge for testing and review. This is a sponsored post.

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