I get tons of products to review every week, and today I am working on a review for cucumber cooling gel. I am a beauty product junkie, as you have probably noticed, and this is a product that I just want to have on hand at home – just in case.

I have heard so much about the power of cucumbers from my childhood for our skin. Cucumbers can keep the skin moist, nourished, and all you usually have to do is use cucumber peels on your face to get the effect you need. But what if you don’t have cucumbers on hand, or you are at the beach and you did not get any cucumbers to go. Here is where this product comes in handy – cucumber cooling gel by Made From Earth! This gel is really nice and refreshing for sunburns or hot skin after a day at the beach. Right now for me the beach season is over, we are in the rainy season here in Seattle area, and I am using this gel for my under eye area which could always use some product help.

When I apply this gel my skin feels rejuvenated and cooler, definitely. I am just so happy that there is this product that I can use without any worries – it is almost as good as natural cucumbers if not better. This is an organic product with lots of added vitamins for skin improvement. This is an eye cream I am not afraid to apply on my skin! I am so happy I have it! Hope it lasts a while – luckily for my under eye area I only need a little bit of this cream – a little goes a long way.

Sample was provided free of charge for testing and a review. pmd632c5b38096402559a993db8d20fa88

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