We are gearing up for Halloween here. Two of my girls have their gowns, and we don’t have a costume for the baby yet, but most likely the baby will be wearing a cute bunny costume from the older sisters.

We have our older daughter as a Greek Goddess, and our middle daughter as Elsa. Elsa’s dress was very expensive, and so I felt that I have spent quite enough, but the outfit was not complete. I was happy to receive a crystal crown tiara for a review to complete my daughter’s outfit.

This crystal crown tiara is a great find! It looks so good on any of us. It is an absolute perfect accessory for a wedding, playtime, Halloween, theater, you name it. This tiara is a very good quality tiara. If I were to go to a well-known kids toy store and looked for a crown of some sort, all I would get would be a plastic comb-like thing with some type of paper or plastic embellishments. We have had so many of those, and they often actually cost almost up to 10 dollars retail. Those plastic combs or crowns are also never on sale, and sometimes come with similarly flaky and cheap looking wands and such. My older daughter is over 10 years old, so over her lifetime we have had so many of those crowns and wands we’d buy or get as souvenirs at places (you know what I am talking about – ok, fine, DisneyWorld’s wands are different, and special, and memories). All of those crowns and wands would just break probably second or third time they’d wear them or play with them. Over the time of my daughter’s life probably over $50 worth of those crowns and wands have been destroyed.

This crystal crown tiara is a completely different ballgame. It is sold as an “adult” tiara because it will fit an adult, but it will also last like something adults would want to last. Imagine a wedding ceremony and your crown falling apart on you, not that anyone wears plastic on weddings, but why do older youths have to be restricted to children’s costume quality? This crown tiara will not fall apart – it is made of actual thick metal! It will also stay on your hair very well. There are two crystal pins provided in the set with the tiara just in case, but I think for a wedding your hair stylist should be able to attach it to your do, no problem. For my kids purposes, the Halloween coming up, I know the tiara will stay in the head because it is made well, and can always be propped up by hair accessories.

This tiara has amazing huge crystals all over it. It will look like a real crown! I think my daughter will look great wearing it. She will look like a real princess! It is not plastic, it looks like a true crown.

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Sample was provided free of charge for testing and a review.


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