I got a pumpkin cobbler a few days ago – I cannot wait to try it! Have you ever heard of a pumpkin cobbler? I haven’t until I found it sold by Gourmet Food Group online! It sells for $8.50 which is a steal! Try finding a pie or a cake these days for that price! All it needs is an addition of a can of pumpkins. Everyone has those during the fall holidays!


Thanksgiving is coming, and I always struggle on Thanksgiving. By the time I am done with the side dishes, salads, fixings, dressings, stuffings and all the rest of relishes and sauces I am done for. Making a pie from scratch is a tough one then as I am so tired I just want to throw something together. I remember last year very well! We were all set for a pie, and ended up buying some sad excuse for a pie – a pecan pie. We were so upset with it we couldn’t believe it! Basically they made brown jello, and covered it with 9 pecans, that was the pie! I think making a homemade pie on holidays is a must, but who has the time! That’s when a Pumpkin Cobbler like this one comes in handy! It is all pre-measured, all you need to do is follow directions and have that pumpkin can ready to go!

I haven’t made the pie yet, but I think it will be great! I am planning to use an actual pumpkin, not a canned variety though, I am a bit snobby like that. I love the packaging for this cobbler. Had I not had a sweet tooth myself I would have loved to give it to someone as a gift – this would make a great present for a teacher or a neighbor!

The pumpkin cobbler set is actually a kit with frosting and mix for the crust. Can’t wait to try it!

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