I am such an old-fashioned person I love using manual coffee grinders! I find that they can give you just the right kind of grind you need for your coffee! The way I learned to make coffee first was using a special metal pot on the stove which originates from Turkey, and for that kind of coffee you have to make your own homemade grind that is not as small as espresso. I find these manual coffee grinders do just the right job! Cozyna coffee grinder is similar to some other grinders I already have, and it works very well! The design is great too as it goes well with all of my other stainless steel appliances I have at home, and at the same time looks like something from the old world due to the handle that it comes with – it is just the most perfect coffee grinder for this age.

If you are wondering why we use coffee grinders, well that’s very simple – coffee grinders make freshly ground coffee every time! This coffee grinder would make a great gift – a wonderful item to have at home too if you are a coffee addict like me!

Sample for review was provided free of charge.

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