Love using my new Phat Mat for baking stuff! I have other similar mats for cookies, and this one I primarily use for baking savory foods. The Phat Mat mostly helps me make sure the food does not get stuck to the metal tray. I used to use aluminium foil on my metal sheet trays before, but that is not very earth friendly as you end up wasting that metal foil and dumping it out to trash every time. Essentially I would use foil in order to avoid having to deal with stuck on pieces on my trays which ruins the cleanup for me. Now the Phat Mat helps to avoid anything getting stuck to the tray or to the mat. I don’t find that fat gets absorbed by the mat that much, it just stays on it and on the tray. Nothing gets stuck to the mat at all when baking food in the oven. It is a great way to also save on spray oils which I tend to overuse to ensure nothing gets stuck to the pans.

Great product overall, don’t have any complaints about it at all. Will keep using probably forever. This mat makes a great gift as well! What a joy for anyone baking a lot to have! This is an absolute must to have in a modern kitchen. I am glad I got it now!

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