Today was busy – getting the house cleaned little by little, getting everything organized, and looking after my baby is no easy job. So, I had a break in the afternoon today with my new Darjeeling tea by Singbulli. Liked it a lot! I made this tea in my French press, and enjoyed it with some cheese, leftover cake, and fruits – I have a sweet tooth! I loved the fragrant taste, the golden color, and the deep tea flavor I got after I steeped this tea for a bit. Nothing like a nice cup of tea in the afternoon, and now is the night time, and I feel like I am ready for another cup!

Tea is my passion, and it helped me many a night while I was studying in school and college. Tea is something I can enjoy any time, but now as per my schedule, I drink coffee in the morning, and tea in the afternoon and at night. Darjeeling is a great tea to enjoy, it is a variety of black tea, and this particular one is organic, and I always prefer organic brands.

I ordered this tea on Amazon, and actually the first pack came opened, and broken at the bottom. Thankfully, due to the Amazon Prime return policy, I was able to return this product, and get a replacement, which is amazing, and I was so happy I got to try this tea – it is great!

Sample was provided free of charge for testing and review.

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