Working in the wee hours of the morning today to review a new bundle I got of a jigsaw puzzle and a wall calendar. My kids love jigsaw puzzles, and I love them too! This puzzle we got was not exactly what we expected. I have ordered a puzzle by Dowdle Folk Art, and was expecting to get a Maui Puzzle and Calendar bundle. Instead, for some reason, we got a Mount Rushmore puzzle. My kids are still working it out in their playroom. I think that the amount of details on the puzzle is extraordinary. The pictures by Dowdle are very detailed, and quite contemporary. The images are whimsical and fun to look at. I like the fact that these pictures are in the form of puzzles, as this is a perfect way to experience and play with the detailing. I think this puzzle is also quite challenging, and that is what you want to see in puzzles. I am quite impressed!

We also got a 2016 wall calendar. I also always need a wall calendar. Who doesn’t need one? I honestly can’t function very well without one. I have tried using a phone and computer-based calendar and ended up missing one appointment altogether as I lost track and forgot about it. An actual physical calendar is a must for me to have. This particular calendar shows a whole collection of pictures by Dowdle for every month, and really lets you experience the different places to visit, and travel with the painter. This calendar is definitely going to make me stop and look a bit longer at every picture, and enjoy the masterpieces by Dowdle. This calendar would make a great gift, too!

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