I receive a lot of products for reviews, and sometimes it takes me longer to review some of the products because I have to actually wait to use them.

I have got Calla Pillow a while ago, and then the company also graciously sent me a pillow case for the Calla Toddler Pillow that fits perfectly for this pillow. In the meantime my baby has become a toddler, and now I am starting to use the pillow more so I can actually review it.

I know that according to the latest recommendations babies are not supposed to have anything in their crib when babies sleep. No soft blankets, no toys. I have also heard that there are other reasons why babies do not need pillows. We have never used any pillows for our baby.

Right now though my baby is growing up to the point when she will soon sleep in a toddler bed, and I am going to start using a toddler pillow for her daily. I am very happy with Calla pillow, and now that I have a special pillow case that fits for this pillow, I am all set. The pillow and the pillow case are made from organic material, and this is exactly what I believe in. It is important to use organic materials and products whenever possible. I also like supporting a small business that is usually involved in organic made companies. Organic products to me mean there is a lot more care that goes into the production process, and it means that the company cares about the quality and the standard of what they are making for consumers.


This pillow is very neat and soft. My baby loves cuddling with it!

Samples were provided free of charge for testing and review.

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