I receive a lot of products for reviews, and some of them I tend to try and know they are great, and they work, while others are hard to review because they don’t necessarily have an immediate effect, or have no effect at all, at least on me.
I have heard that raspberry ketones are taken as supplements for weight loss and hair growth improvement. I cannot truly vouch whether these supplements work or not. I have found that they haven’t really made me lose a lot of weight. I got a pack of them, and I have used some, but I haven’t noticed a significant improvement. I know there are a lot of other ways for me to lose weight, and those are the ways I would prefer and trust more.
Raspberry ketones were some of the products that Dr. Oz endorsed, and he has been challenged since the endorsement regarding the truthfulness of what he endorsed. I think there might have been a combination of factors that led to Dr Oz endorsing this product, and there were a number of other products that were also supported by that show. As a result, this became a trend, and, together with those other supplements, raspberry ketones became a new way of dieting, if you will. I think as placebo raspberry ketones may be working just fine, but they would not necessarily work for everyone. I am not sure if it has been proven scientifically that these are great for weight loss.
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