I have received a set of 40 (!) single serve coffee cups by Friendly’s for Keurig K-cup type coffee machines. This is a variety pack that includes 4 flavors: butterscotch swirl, mint chocolate chip, Vienna mocha chunk, chocolate marshmallow swirl flavors. Now, poor me doesn’t have a Keurig K-cup machine! I wish I could try all of these flavors (maybe not mint chocolate chip, don’t like mint), but I cannot. I will have to hunt down a Keurig machine somewhere. (Update: I was able to find a machine today at my friends’ house and tried out the Butterscotch Swirl, and my husband tried the Chocolate Marshmallow flavors – amazing taste! I have also tried Vienna mocha chunk, but didn’t like it, and I don’t like Mint Chocolate Chip flavor. Well, my friends like the Mocha and the Mint flavors, so they didn’t complain when I gave those to them to enjoy!)

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I love coffee, and in honor of my readers who love coffee as much as I do I decided to do a giveaway! This giveaway will include the 40 single serve coffee cups, as well as a coffee grinder, and a milk frother! We have holidays coming, and if you are going to have your family gathering for holidays, I am sure you will want to cosy up with a cup of coffee, better yet flavored like Friendly’s coffee! This is a giveaway for all of my readers – hope you enjoy it!

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Friendly’s 40 Coffee Cup, Coffee Grinder, and Milk Frother Giveaway! November 1 – November 21, US only.

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This giveaway is set up thanks to the sponsor Two Rivers Coffee Co providing Friendly’s coffee, Box Roundup providing a coffee grinder and a milk frother, and participating co-host IMHO Views, Reviews and Giveaways, as well as several participating bloggers. Thank you all for making this giveaway possible!

This giveaway is for a set of 40 Keurig K-cups of Friendly’s brand coffee, a milk frother, and a manual coffee grinder worth over $50 total.

The rules – Two Rivers Co (Friendly’s) will mail one winner a set of 40 coffee cups, and Box Roundup will mail the coffee grinder and milk frother to that same one winner. The winner is determined randomly by the Gleam widget. The winner will have 2 days to respond to confirm the winning, and provide his/her address and phone number. The address provided has to be a US residential address. No other blogger participating in the giveaway is responsible for the prize.

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Friendly’s Coffee Giveaway

Sample was provided free of charge for a review. This is a sponsored post.

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