I am not a pro in technology, but I can tell that I use my phone every day, and because its battery is not very strong we end up having to get a whole slew of devices to have to charge the phone all the time. It is ok when I am home and can just get away with plugging a cable into by USB drive, but it becomes more difficult when we travel or spend the whole day out, and I need my phone working all the time, so I have to use these chargers, and now power banks.


If you are walking in a mall all day and have no access to your car you would need a power bank to carry on with you. I also used a power bank a lot last week when I was at a conference. As a result you want your power bank to be usable at any point of time, so a great way to use it would be to be able to charge it in your car, and then carry it with you in your pocket. I have found one power bank/car charger that does just that!

In my quest for the best next device accessory I review and buy a lot of devices! Some I get for free for reviews, some I buy because I need them! My husband usually is the one to decide what to buy, but there will always be a better accessory new in the market, and that is a good thing! We have found a car charger that doubles as a bank, and I am so happy it is actually much better than any other accessory of this type I have!

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Originally we used a simple USB charger for the car. We had a two USB port one, then got a 3 USB port one which was great. Then my husband got a power bank that is quite big and hard to carry around unless you carry it in a purse or bag, definitely not in your pocket. We also had a simple phone charger that would take up the car plug but would only work for one device – definitely not ideal when you have 4 people with devices in your car. Another device we had was a power bank that would charge from solar power, but could not be fitted as a car charger, so could not work for both functions.

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The new device that we got car charge your devices in the car, and doubles up as a power bank. The good – two in one device accessory. Works for your car, and can charge your device on the go in your pocket, just plug in your USB cable and you are good to go. The bad – this is a new device, I am not sure whether it will last a long time. IT does come with a 30 day warranty, which can be extended if you want to write to their sales department and request that. Another negative is that the power bank is relatively smaller – only 2800 mAh which would probably be enough to charge one phone fully once. So, for me, this is the best device out of the ones that I have as it will help me keep my phone charged at all times. This device is made by Jelly Comb company and is sold on Amazon.

There is a 40% discount coupon available right now for this car charger/power bank – 6CYCMQ9B

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