Plans ahead

What’s cooking up in my kitchen these days? I am working up a storm! I am a full-time blogger after all, I have so much going on, and coming up for my blog in the next little while you will not believe.

The problem is a lot of the times in that I don’t have enough time in the day to get everything I have to say out, and this is becoming difficult to deal with. I have to be slower in my thoughts, and faster in my typing to get everything I want on the Internets.

Past week on my mind

So, here is what’s happening this week and going to be coming on the blog next week. I have just spent part of last week in San Diego traveling to a blogger summit I still haven’t written about – more to come! I am going to be making posts about budgeting for the past month, and some recipe I have created just yesterday! I also have a few great products that I have found that I will be featuring – stay tuned!

Working on book reviews

Here is what’s in the cards for tonight – some music and books to review! I have accumulated several books I am reading this week – all great books! I generally prefer to read non-fiction these days, and I am always learning something new, so the next posts will be about some books that I have read this week.
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We are in the middle of Halloween and other celebrations, yet my mind seems to be drifting away to San Diego and the beach. Clearly, we have not spent enough time there, but at least we got a little bit of it.

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