As someone always interested in foreign languages I always welcome interesting programs that can improve people’s language skills. Spanish in one of those languages that can prove to be extremely important, and can help navigate through life. I can tell that my knowledge of English has been tremendously important for my life, even though English is my second language. I can only hope my kids can have a command of another language some day. Language programs can help if you study them persistently. Here is a giveaway I have been invited to host giving access to Speekee language program.

Here is what the creator of this program has to say about it,

“Speekee is the most comprehensive online Spanish program for children ever made. It suits children aged 2+.

Children learn languages best when they’re having fun, and having fun is what Speekee is all about! The Spanish learning is video based; the videos feature real Spanish children in real Spanish locations, and the Spanish is presented in a rhythmical, structured, step by step fashion.

Speekee has been proudly supporting the Homeschool community since 2006.”

I have been invited to set up a Speekee Giveaway. Here are the terms and conditions –

To celebrate the launch of Accelerate Speekee is giving away one main prize of a 12-month subscription to Speekee ($90 value) and, as a secondary prize, FIFTY 1-month subscriptions.

[1] Once the winners have been randomly drawn they will be required to sign up at and give their PayPal details to claim the prize. No payment will be taken in the first month and account cancellation may be done at any time during or after the free trial period. [2] There is no requirement to ‘like’ Speekee’s Facebook page as a condition of entry. [3] We are accepting worldwide entrants. Speekee will work anywhere where a computer meets an internet connection!

I have not been able to try out this program yet, but will see if I can access the program through this giveaway – it will be great to try it out for a month! I have not received any compensation, or tried the product.

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