This week on my blog and review websites is devoted mostly to reading. I have been reading lots of non-fiction, which is my preferred genre, but also fiction, and one of the books I have been reading is “Riding” by Cassia Cassitas.

I really like the language, the size of the book, and the story plot and theme. The book is about a family that juggles tight and demanding work schedules, and caring for a disabled child who likes riding. The author Cassia Cassitas was able to describe the world of a family that works on setting up Olympic Games, and caring for their own young athlete who cannot walk but is destined to beat the odds of life. So many thoughts and ideas resonate with me – the feelings of Andre’s mother Elizabeth described in the book are thoughts that I have had before as a mother, and maybe because this book is so contemporary, it definitely strikes me as I relate to the mother a lot.

Reading this book I felt I was in Curitiba living with this family, their thoughts and dreams, and an exciting world of competitive sports. I enjoyed the emotions that this book is full of – this is such a passionate portrayal of the life of this family, and it makes me feel passionate about my own family, and everything we do. Sometimes the little things in life, like reading a book about someone you don’t know, and living a completely different life can actually make you feel and relate more to what is happening around you in your own world, and make more sense of everything. We live in such a world of speed, and a big rat race of getting things done just right, and working hard towards some family goal that sometimes changing pace, and sitting down with a good fiction book is just what you need to find a new meaning in your daily activities, and to understand what you are feeling. A lot in this book is about a mother of a para-athlete, and while I am nothing of this sort, I can relate to this character in a very human way. What a great read! I won’t give away a lot more about this book – read it!

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