I am so lucky I don’t have to wake up every day with the question on my mind – to shave or not to shave? My husband however has to, and from not too long ago he has become a shaving fan. There is apparently such a thing where men will join these online subscription boxes for shaving, buy expensive shaving supplies, and also go back to the past using shaving gear from the past as it actually gives better results than modern razors.

As a result, my husband is getting a lot of shaving gear, and one new item on his list is William Hicks’ 100% pure black badger shaving brush that he’s got recently. Amazing how many shaving brush products are out there, and I think I have a collection of these brushes now on our bathroom vanity, so I may be setting myself up for a comparison post about all of the brushes he’s got, but for now here is my scoop on William Hicks’ badger brush!

photo 2 (54)

I like that the bristles are softer than some other brushes he’s got, and it seems to have just the right length of bristles on the brush itself. The handle is quite heavy when you are holding it, it is all metal. It looks like┬áthe bristles are all glued somewhere inside the handle so the handle is not going to break (like some other brush he had). Looks like a great brush, and goes well with one of his all-metal shaving sets.photo 1 (54)

My husband has used this brush a few times now. It still looks great, and hasn’t shed a lot of bristles so far, so hopefully will last a lifetime.

Sample was provided free of charge for testing and review.

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