You know that feeling when you get into a rut with things to do, and every actions seems like a deja-vu that you have done and seen many times over before. One way to avoid this is to make little changes that will shake up your day and routine.

My little change this week – finally implementing my new julienne blade peeler by Integrity Collection. I have seen these before, but haven’t been using them regularly as I have my other favorite peeler that I prefer. I tend to get stuck with items I like, and it is hard to break up that habit of using what you are so used to, but then life will never be the same once you try something new. I think this peeler is much more versatile, and then I don’t need my grater or mandoline – I can just use the vegetable peeler and get the same results all with one kitchen tool.

I have made a video yesterday with this peeler – watch me peel!

This vegetable peeler, as you can see in the video, comes with a little brush that helps to get rid of any stuck vegetable bits – a great solution for me, as I always struggle with cleaning, and appreciate any help I can get!

I think for me I have to get used to this peeler when using it. It seems to be taking a bit too much flesh of the veg when peeling as well. I think I would have to play around with how I hold the peeler when I am using it to get just the right feel for myself, but already after just a few uses of this peeler I can tell I am improving in my speed of handling the peeling step.

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