8 months blogging – the baby of monetization is due to materialize

It has been 8 months now of my daily blogging and I have been working on making this blogging from a hobby into an occupation. People have done it, and I am working on it. So far I have been creating a lot of content, and working on increasing my social interactions. It is good to have a lot of friends, relatives and relations, but when you are talking blogging, you need everyone and their grandma to come and read your stories.

A new book – a new inspiration

So, it has been 8 months, and I do feel like I have scraped all of relations I could find. I am learning as I go, and I am trying out different strategies to increase my social following. I am also learning about finding ways to make money on this blog. I am spending a lot of time creating great content, and now I have to start thinking about making this blog pay my bills. Today, for example, I read a new book by David Kravitz to help me out with monetizing my blog. This book covers great ideas of involving my social following and making money through social networks.

Wow, isn’t that surprising that full-time bloggers actually need to eat

I think what blog readers often don’t understand, as I didn’t before I started blogging, is that blogging takes a lot of time. Some time goes into developing great content and photos, but a lot of time is also spent marketing, looking for fresh ideas, researching, and communicating. Actual writing takes a few hours, but brainstorming is usually what takes he most time when working on what to post and write about. Once a blog post is written it is important to make sure people know about it, and will come and read it. Of course, there are a lot of regular blog readers, but the real important step is making your content viral.

And sometimes just great content by itself is not going to be able to feed you. You can write about amazing important topics, and get a lot of readers, but you still need to eat, and cover your expenses to be able to come up with more interesting ideas and new stories. I have come across an article today where bloggers discuss how unethical it is for companies to ask bloggers to create free posts. Wouldn’t it be a perfect world where bloggers would just write posts completely selflessly, without any compensation. But for those bloggers who blog full-time blogging is their sustenance. If you are going to journal your life, write about products, endorse them on your blog, describe these products, and not make any money from any source, and just provide free advertising to companies you are definitely going to eventually perish out of hunger and lack of money. An interesting point to me as companies often approach me requesting to review their products on my site, and actually ask me to purchase their products first, and then write a review free of charge. And I always wonder, in turn, how I can do that, and respond to the companies in a civil and polite manner.

Some advertising platforms insist that my disposable income should be under $1 for six months

Another issue that I am often facing is finding ways to monetize my blog in a way that would actually be profitable to me. I have been working with one advertising platform, and had to sign a lot of contracts, agreements, non-disclosure, legal papers, then send those back to the agency, in total took me definitely over several hours. Then I had to place the ads on my blog, figure out how to do that, and then start monetizing on the ads that my readers see. Again, I honestly wish I could survive without having to eat, and just write posts and journal my life, but it is just so hard to do. In the end, after having ads from this network on my blog for 5 months I have actually made 15 cents. So, my setup work for those ads paid off less than minimum wage in third world countries seems like.

Sometimes you just can’t come up with a solution – check out what others have written then

I am looking for ways to monetize my blog and my social channels, and this book I have read by David Kravitz gave me some analysis and insight into how to work with Snapchat and Vine networks that I have not looked into before. The book is more of a review and an overview of strategies, and helps me brainstorm, and come up with some ways to take control of my efforts to survive and eat while blogging, and understand the way social networks work better. The Internet landscape is so ever changing, and I do think some parts of this book are teaching me a lot, while others already seem a bit outdated as the services that the author is recommending don’t always work. But I have read the book through and through, and now will keep it on my desk as a reference for when I get a chance to look into monetizing strategies deeper. This book is a great read for bloggers and brands alike – I think it is worth checking out. It is free on Kindle Unlimited right now, a great way to inform yourself of ways to monetize that you have not thought of before!

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