Another interesting read this week by Sebastian Hirsch – “Selling your service”. Always something I am interested in learning more about. Of course, this week is my birthday, and I am not a freshman out of college, and not even a high school graduate. Even though English is my second language I have read quite a few books on popular economics, and on how to run a business. One great book I have read, and actually am still reading is called Experience.

I think you learn so much from doing things, many times you learn much more from doing than from reading about how to be doing it. Honestly, I can learn something by heart, and then not know where to start with something because reading and studying something is just not the same as practice and actual testing of what you have learned.

I find my mother to be quite an interesting example for my anecdotes. For example, my mother would always prefer someone with a diploma or a certificate to someone with just experience. If I ever tell her that I know about something she will always question, and prefer to turn to someone who has a degree or a permit in the subject rather than listen to me. Well, this is the kind of book she would enjoy reading. This book comes from someone who took the time to write down his thoughts about business, and how to turn your skills into a business. Well, my mother would definitely trust Sebastian Hirsch more than me as I have not written a book on this subject, and how on Earth would I ever know about business anyway.

So, as you can see I am different from my mother. I have read books on this and that but ultimately you learn from experience and from dealing with situations. There are so many possibilities that may or may not occur that reading a book about general non-specific sale of services may not be that useful for someone with a bit of experience.

I have read the book for this review, and I have to say that this is probably not a good read for someone looking for entertainment as there aren’t that many colorful examples in the book. I would say this book would work well for my students. I sometimes used to tutor in English, so students who are learning English, and are trying to read a book that is relatively simple, and at the same time informative and has good business related vocabulary would probably find this book extremely useful. Also, people who are looking for inspiration or motivation would find this book to be helpful for them in their quest for some guidance as to how to proceed with their ideas. Overall, a useful read in some situations.

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