I have received this stroller organizer by Groovy Baby for a review, and I love it. It is so soft, and sturdy at the same time, it can hold nice big bottles of drinks, and the middle compartment is a catch-all area that I usually use to hold snacks and keys.

I know that some strollers already come with this pre-set, but none of the strollers that I own have this feature. So every time before finding this stroller organizer I would have to forego having a beverage on-the-go as I just wouldn’t have a place to put it. Now it is all different.

I have two strollers right now that I use for my baby. Of course, this stroller organizer works very well for a regular large stroller, but I wanted to check it out on my small stroller.
I love this product as it allows me to do my daily activities with no limitations. It is so well made, easy to use, that I would say it is a must-have accessory to have on the go. I use it a lot, and love it!

Sample was provided free of charge for testing and review.

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