Garlic Press by Integrity Collection Review

Today has been a relaxing day, and a long day at the same time. We got so much done, as much as we got done yesterday. In the evening we cooked a lot, and got to try out some new devices. This review is about a new garlic press by Integrity Collection that I have got.

I am so happy to receive this garlic press by Integrity Collection to try out! This is a great device to have in the kitchen! I have tried quite a few garlic presses by now from different companies, and what I like about this garlic press is that it is a very compact device, and actually comes with a silicone sleeve and an additional brush.

The silicone sleeve is used to take garlic peel off the garlic. This part of garlic preparation can be quite tedious. If I were to do it by hand it would take me a while to get done. This sleeve lets me release some of the great garlic juice and smell, and get garlic ready to be used in a press. In order to use the sleeve you need to press on it lightly, or with a bit of pressure to ensure that the peel is going to come off easily. This same action can be done with a regular knife, except then your whole chopping board and your knife are going to have that strong flavor of garlic.

The next step is the actual garlic pressing. This step is easy to do. The garlic press itself is somewhat unconventional as it actually has three parts, all connected together, and it may seem like cleaning is going to be complicated. However, when you look closely, you’ll notice that cleaning is easy as this set actually comes with a separate brush for easy cleaning.

What I liked about this particular set is that it is made of very durable solid metal, and it will not bend when you are pressing the garlic. I have had similar devices before where the handles are not strong enough and will bend when you are using them. This one is made to last.

One other thing that I noticed is that this metal is not just some type of a coating, so it will not come off on your garlic. We have a garlic press at home from the Pampered Chef that we got as a gift a long time ago, and with time the coating has come off it, and now every time we are pressing garlic with it, garlic becomes grey. This press does not color garlic in any other color, so it is a great item to have, and it is so easy to use.

I have made a video of me trying this tool out for the first time.

Sample was provided free of charge for testing and review. Sponsored post.

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