I am so lucky to have a food and a giveaway themed blog! I can taste food, review it, write about it, and then set up a giveaway for others to try it! What a blessing! I don’t have a lot of friends where I live, and I grew up in a household where we would always have friends over, give them tea, and sit and chat for hours about life. Now I have a blog where I have international readership, and I can chat about what I like, hope to get comments to discuss things, and then giveaway great tea and food products! I feel almost like I have a big group of friends over and treating them to tea! Wow, almost like in the old days!

So, today I am reviewing a new set from Enjoying Tea, and I love this company as they sell all types of tea related merchandise. The items they have are not for a casual tea drinker. These are tea items for those who truly enjoy tea, drink it a lot, and like to enjoy a variety of more expensive teas, and all the accessories that come with tea drinking. I hope I could say that I am such a tea drinker.

I used to work in a tea shop, and learned a lot about tea, and how to enjoy it to be able to tell my customers about it. I do like to drink tea casually as well, but really to enjoy tea you have to try loose tea leaves that you steep yourself, using your favorite tea pot or French Press, and savor that favorite cup!

Enjoying Tea has sent me a set of 6 teas to try this time around, and they are truly gourmet high quality teas. The teas that are included in this particular set are as follows:

Apple Spice Black Tea

Anxi Wulong Tea

Chun Mee Green Tea

Provence Rooibos

Longevity Brow White Tea

Young Ripened Pu-erh Tea

My readers can also enjoy the coupon code that I have for them for 10% off their order – 10% off coupon code “tmpr15a”.

What I love about these particular teas and that I think they are high quality, because I see whole leaves, or folded up whole leaves in the tea, rather than just little bits and dust that goes into teabags. The tea that is part of these selected gourmet flavors has so much strong tea scent, and makes a gourmet cup of tea every time. My favorites are rooibos and apple spice black tea. Those are excellent for the holiday season!

To participate in the giveaway you have to go to my Instagram page and follow the directions that come with the photo! Enjoy! https://www.instagram.com/p/-CyA6xI71T/ – this is where you participate in the giveaway!

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