A new item this week for me is a wine gun. I am a pacifist, so using guns for household wine opening, or rather using souvenirs that look like guns for wine opening is totally fine by me, in fact I would prefer seeing items looking like guns used only for household purposes, and be off the streets. This wine gun we got is a great souvenir for people who like guns, or quirky wine accessories. This will make a great gift, and a showpiece for a party. Definitely will get everyone at the table talking about it.

typorama (3)

I have made a video showing this device – you can see it here –


This wine gun is made by company called Wine Ovation, and it is a great new item I have never seen or heard of before, but it is available on Amazon for sale or here.

This wine gun is great as a gift for holidays. Will go on my shortlist for gifts to someone we know.

This item was provided free of charge for testing and a review. This is a sponsored post.

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