This post has been sitting in my box on the blog for a few days, but I have finally finished it! Here we go – the post was written a few days ago.

Today has been a busy day! The kids were at home because schools were closed due to a storm and no power. It is still raining now, and there is no power around in some areas. We have been busy cleaning, and cooking all day at home with the kids – and it is quite a challenge when you have a baby in the house, as well as two teenagers! I feel sad sometimes when I have to ask the older girls to do things around the house, but this is what we got to do to get the ship moving in the right direction!

Then I hustled and hustled – my new favorite word! Lots to do, primarily in the cleaning department, I just can’t keep up!

photo (44)

I also prepared for a garage sale, and was packing some giveaway prize boxes today! One thing that I find helps me out a lot is packing tape! I was so happy I got a set of packing tape to review, and I certainly have put that packing tape to good use today! Labels and labels on stuff to sell – everything was going on with that tape!

This particular tape is sold in packs of 6. It is a cheaper brand than the regular clear tape, and I like the savings that this brand brings – what a deal! The tape works just as well as any regular one, no difference. This tape is by Zitriom brand.

Sample provided free of charge for testing and a review.

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