Last week I have received a great big package with frozen burritos.

Today I was able to make a video of me trying the burrito by Fit Wrapz made with ground turkey and maple syrup. These flavors are my favorites, and I was impressed to try a wrap that is commercially made, but where you can actually see exactly what you are eating inside – there were pieces of ground turkey, peppers, and egg in there, all wrapped into a wheat tortilla. I liked the flavor a lot.

One thing that I liked about these was that the flavors were all recognizable, and that this is the kind of food that I like – it is good for you, and it takes good, takes no time to make, so it is great for a busy family to grab, heat up, eat, and get on with the day full of energy.

typorama (4)

The part that I thought was a bit of a disappointment was that the wrap fell apart in the microwave while reheating a bit, so it would not be very easy to eat just with my hands, so I had to use a fork and a knife to help me out. The flavors were great, and I know I will be enjoying the other flavors that I got as well!

Fit Wrapz are actually sports nutrition of premium frozen burritos. It is great to be able to eat regular food, and not some of those shakes and mixes if you are an athlete. I certainly prefer real food, and that’s exactly what those burritos are.

The burritos have a lot of nutrients, protein, and they are low in carbs, and this is the type of diet that we are trying to stick to – low carb. I have a lot of pregnancy weight I need to lose, so this type of food works great for me!

Samples were provided free of charge for trying and a review.

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