Here is my 2 cents on the ever discussed problem of cloth diapers vs regular diapers! I am not using cloth diapers! These diapers are just not for me. I stay quite busy throughout the day with three kids now, a busy husband, a business, multiple websites, running the whole house, after school activities, temper tantrums, hospital visits, volunteering, you name it, I do it, and cloth diapers are just not in the picture for me. I honestly can barely keep up with the laundry and even bare minimum cleaning. Washing cloth diapers, the stench, the mess, the poop are just not my territory, and I will not be afraid to say it as it is – cloth diapers are not for me or my family!

With that being said, I certainly take my hat off for those mothers that do use them! There are so many services now in big cities that will also wash the inserts for you that it is probably doable to do if you do a little research, or are not afraid of the mess. It may be better for the environment as well, as you will not be throwing anything out in huge amounts, and will just reuse the cloth inserts and diapers that you have.

I got one cloth diaper to try for my baby by FuzziBunz Sweet Beginnings. This diaper is very pretty, easy to put on, and is so adjustable for many months of wear and use! Which is great for a little baby that is sure growing up fast! I love the diaper insert as it is very soft, and looks very absorbent as well! I took some cute pictures of my baby wearing this diaper yesterday – enjoy!



And here is that same baby posing!


So, while I don’t use cloth diapers myself, if I were to, I would definitely prefer FuzziBunz, as they are not just cute, but also adjustable for different sizes, and they have so many designs available! This is just the designs I chose cause I liked it! Also great to see that the insert are separate from the diaper cover, and is soft and easy to wash. I put on the diaper cover on my baby just over her existing diaper, and she loves it too! So many functions, uses, and great for little babies!

Sample was provided free of charge for testing and a review.

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