I have a cute family with my kids ranging between 1 to 12 now, and sometimes it is tricky to come up with books for them to read. The tween, and her younger sister have different types of books they like to read, but one genre seems to always attract both of them, and that is the genre of adventures! I remember how much I liked adventure books myself when I was younger. Today I am writing a book review about one of the adventure books my girls are reading.

This week my girls are reading a new adventure book “A” is for Alchemist by James Larson. This is a Winnie and Winslow Adventure. Winnie is 10 just like my middle saughter, and Winslow is 12 just like my older daughter. This book is perfect for my kids as it is appropriate for their age, and the theme of the book is exactly what they like to read about.

This book is full is exciting mysteries, abductions, adventures involving mad scientists, and computer experiments with artificial intelligence. Sounds like a very modern adventure tale that is perfect for this generation.

Yesterday we were on our own adventure looking for sentences with semi-colons in the book for my girl’s English class. I will say a strange statement, but to me semi-colons are used in complex sentences, and I have a hard time finding examples of such complex sentences in most of the books my girls read. Today, in the generation of Twitter (me, myself, and I are also guilty with an excessive use of the Twitter thing), people no longer seem to be able to absorb or process complex sentences, and it is refreshing to see them used a lot in this book. This to me means that there is a lot of substance to this book, and it is a strange thing to talk about maybe in a book review, but some little points like that can show you that even though the book is very modern, it is still using the old-fashioned rules of grammar that make descriptive sentences more complicated, and, in the end, build a more complex picture of the events described, and make readers’ language skills and reading skills more advanced.

I am very happy to have my kids read this book, and get absorbed in the storyline, and follow through reading this book to the end, which sometimes is a challenge to get them do, so I am happy to see them enjoy this book. What a great read!

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