What’s that recipe?

Looking for Moscow mule recipe with five spice, anyone?

I am starting to get so used to having copper mugs everywhere, and I am happy we know how to make Moscow mule cocktails! My husband is the pro at it, and he makes a mean Moscow mule with some alcohol, like vodka or limoncello, and I prefer the lemony one, and ginger beer added in, with some lime. Now I still have to try a flavored one, maybe will do one of these days where they add some five spice to the drink, and it makes such a great additional flavor! I have tried a drink like this in San Diego, and I am still thinking about it.

Good thing I have all those Moscow mule mugs to try new and newer versions of Moscow Mule cocktail in! This set I got this week is very similar to the ones I had before, and they are all almost identical to be honest, and I always say that they need to be washed with care, as the shine tends to fade quite a bit if washed in a dishwasher. Now this particular set is better than some others as it comes with a matching shot glass, and a set of silicone molds for making ice spheres. Those ice spheres sure come handy as our fridge ice-maker is broken, and those cocktails always do need some chilling effect! I have another set of silicone molds for ice making, and this one makes smaller spheres.

Here are some of the pictures I have taken of this set.


Moscow Mule

Moscow Mule (1)

Moscow Mule (2)

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