I consider myself a casual coffee drinker, and I do drink coffee every day. Yet, drinking coffee, just like drinking tea used to be for me, has become an important, almost sacred part of my day, which I cannot skip, and which I am looking forward to and savoring every day. Drinking coffee is not just about getting that buzz in the morning (or is it?), but it is actually about enjoying the coffee beverage itself, and regaining that energy I need to keep on going. I have made drinking coffee that one part of my day that I have to have, and I try to make it exciting!

The way I improve my coffee for my is by adding sweeteners like Splenda or other non-sugar substitutes I have on hand. I also like to add sugar-free syrups, and vanilla flavoring. If I get my coffee from the famous chain, I sprinkle some vanilla on top, and it is usually vanilla powder that they have. How happy I was when I found this new Wild Foods Vanilla Organic Powder that is sold for $9.95 on their website. You get 10 oz of this stuff for $9.95! I can repeat again – 10 HUGE OUNCES of ORGANIC VANILLA that tastes like you have just scrubbed it out of a vanilla pod, and it costs $9-95!!!!! I remember in Montreal buying like 4 vanilla pods for $12. Out of your actual vanilla pods you get a minute amount of vanilla, barely not even 1/8 of a teaspoon. I still don’t know how that is even possible. I think they use the whole bean, and grind it up, and that is how they get to that price, but I have to say that it is an amazing deal considering the quality of this vanilla, the scent, and the value.

I love enjoying my morning coffee with wild organic vanilla powder from Wild Foods. They have so many other great products on their site I have to check out, too. They have several types of subscription boxes as well delivering coffee, tea, and other yummies right to your door!

Now I got into thinking about vanilla, and all the great uses there are for vanilla. I have seen recipes using vanilla paste which costs again an arm and a leg, something in the area of $50 for a tiny can, and I think I will try to substitute for vanilla powder in those recipes, see how it goes.

But for now – I am going to enjoy my cup of coffee. Notice the black powder I have sprinkled in my cup? Yumm!

Sample was provided free of charge for testing and a review.

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