Well, today was a full day for sure! It started with me going to my daughter’s band to help out volunteering to set up for a show, then we went on with our day with the baby, as always, getting ready, working, playing, singing, and sleeping. I have been working hard on my site, and also trying to coach my brother to live independently. My brother is for almost the first time living alone now, and we are all trying to ease him into it, quite unsuccessfully most of the time, but yet we are trying. So, tonight I will be creating a post for him, but for now here are some of the updates for the past month!

My daughter did very well today at her band concert – it was a hoot! We loved it!

I wanted to update my monthly monetary food allowance budget, and for November we didn’t do so well. I was able to retrieve and keep most of the receipts from our shopping trips, but I am afraid they may be on the higher higher, above what I would ever want to spend on food side. We have purchased the whole pig, and have already picked up the freshly frozen meat, and now will be waiting to pick up the smoked meats. This pig should last us for many months onwards, with only some more meat to buy on the side. We are looking forward to pork chops and sausage links!

So, this pig cost us about $1000 over time, with butchering fees, and fees for the animal itself. This is just by itself already out of our budget! We have gone to a few restaurants, each time racking about $40 in charges, I would say amounting to about $150 in total probably. We shopped and shopped in all kinds of local food stores, and at least I do have a full fridge and pantry right now. I think our budget for the month would be closer to $2500 mark – not doing so well.

I think that I will not post the exact budget today because, firstly, it is way more than what I would have liked to have spent, and, secondly, I don’t have all of the receipts available, and I wasn’t writing the amounts down very successfully – will try to do for the coming month unless something else comes up!

I will try to journal all of the food that we eat every day, and take pictures for this blog. Hopefully they will be fun to look at – I love food pictures! Here is the first installment – breakfast with tater tots, lunch with chicken pieces, cheese, and bread, dinner with broccoli, pork sausages and bread. Now, the soup I made will be for the next post!

tater tots for breakfast



Notice I boiled the broccoli, and reserved the stalks for future soups!

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