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As a blog writer I certainly know the value of correct and proper writing style, and error-free texts. I have recently listened to a lecture at a seminar where this was one of the important points discussed – having proper writing style, free from grammar mistakes and incorrect wording. This is a very important and hard subject for me to deal with as English is my second language, and a lot of the time I struggle with perfect grammar, proper writing, and good style. My husband is a writer, and tries to help me when I ask, but he is very busy, and I cannot ask him to check every bit I write.

I think right now I am all right with the level of writing that I produce. I sometimes even write for other people so it can’t be that bad. I do my best. I have tried some grammar checking services in the past, and they are great. Obviously, the costs are related to the level of detail you get, and the quality. Automatic grammar checks are great for quick writing pieces, but anything more serious that goes into printing, like a manuscript, a paper, a thesis have to be checked many times over by people who are proficient in writing, and know various style guides.

It is not as easy as it may seem to write a proper paper. I find that a great way to deal with it is to go to professionals. You still have to write your paper to the best of your knowledge of the subject, but for foreigners who understand English but may not know all the perfect English grammar rules I recommend trying out writing companies. My husband provides such services for scientific writing, and I also know a few companies that do that as well, one of them is

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