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Thought a lot about content this week – what can I write about that is not main stream in North America, but that I know and can talk about. And then Shilajit came to mind. This is a substance that I took as a child growing up in the Soviet Union, and this is something that my grandmother always recommended. In our world a lot of what we did in the Soviet Union was similar to what people do in North America, but a lot was also different. Shilajit was not something you could get in a regular pharmacy. People would bring it from mountainous areas of Asia, and you would have to buy shilajit in the black market or from friends or people you knew. Nowadays Shilajit is still popular in Russia, and now can be purchased directly from distributors. When I was growing up, I used to be frail and of poor health, and my grandmother, a professional doctor, was always looking for ways to improve my immunity. In Russia, even though professional doctors always prescribe state-approved, tried and true, tested and verified pharmaceuticals, there is a huge culture of trying to prescribe and use alternative non-drug types of cures, and we use thousands of different ways of improving health for different types of ailments. In this post I just want to talk about “mumiyo” as we call it, or Shilajit in English. My grandmother would ask friends, and buy it from regular people to help me acquire that immunity to keep me healthy, and it was one important substance that she believed in, and heard a lot of, and knew of people who would use it for grave illnesses and it would help them. In Russia a lot of people prefer holistic healing, Asian and alternative medicines, and a lot of the times despite lack of research done about them, these medicines work well. Shilajit is one of those strange substances that may not be for everyone. I used to take it dissolved in warm milk I think. It reminded me of tar, and it had a strange taste, but it certainly didn’t harm me in any way. According to Wikipedia, Shilajit is often used for the following ailments:

I am glad to find out that Shilajit is still available to try, and I recommend to check it out if you are interested in trying some alternative treatments.

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